Chapter Creation

This is how I write each chapter

  1. Write 2-3 variations of each chapter
  2. Pick which one is best
  3. Review it/self edit it
  4. Make sure that the chapter is moving towards the end goal of the story (if not repeat steps 1-3 again)
  5. Send to editors
  6. Editors send back
  7. Fix errors (my editors always find something that’s wrong 😦 )
  8. Review it a couple more times
  9. Publish

I do this all when I’m already busy with other work. Obviously not all authors do these steps, I do this because after experimenting a lot, this is what I feel is best. Also, I think if I just released chapters left and right, the chapters wouldn’t be as good and I would most likely burn out.

Thank you for understanding, I hope you enjoy my future chapters πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Chapter Creation

  1. I respect your way of working πŸ˜€ I’m writing a story myself and in hindsight there are quite a few things I want to change. Wait, I can. Nobody knows about it yet πŸ˜›


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