Table of Contents

Volume 1

Arc 1

Chapter 1 – “Hello Are You There?!”

Chapter 2 – This Is Just Getting Embarrassing

Chapter 3 – I Never Want To See You For The Rest Of My Life

Chapter 4 – Did You Just See That?!

Chapter 5 – The Adventure Begins

Chapter 6 – Meet Haley Oliver

Chapter 7 – Cat Slayer!

Chapter 8 – It Broke…

Chapter 9 – To Be Expected

Chapter 10 – Moonlight Cleaver!

Arc 2

Chapter 11 – Meet The Crew!

Chapter 12 – The Path Of The Blacksmith

Chapter 13 – Kingdom Event

Chapter 14 – Proposal In Distress

Chapter 15 – [Crusade]

Chapter 16 – [The Brotherhood]

Chapter 17 – The Church

Chapter 18 – Cooking Profession

Chapter 19 – Ascending The Mountain

Chapter 20 – [Call Of The Wild]

Chapter 21 – Untreated Injury

Chapter 22 – Immoral Deeds

Chapter 23 – Prove Your Worth

Chapter 24 – Lackey

Volume 2

Arc 1

Chapter 25 – To The North

Chapter 26 – Arcton Village

Chapter 27 – Troll Slaughter

Chapter 28 – YUCK!

Chapter 29 – Accepted!

10 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. I’m really want to help you in editing stuff since your synopsis is pretty interesting, but I can’t since English is not a language I proficient in enough to help people editing. I guess I will began to read your story after there more chapter. Good luck and hope you will continue doing this 😇.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, I happy to see that you still working on the story. But I think you should get this story out there like make a post about it in reddit, or post some of the chapter on to some other novel site such as Royalroadl or japtem.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the suggestion but in all honesty I already have someone posting it to reddit. I also post it to royalroad and occasionally to japtem when I don’t forget.

      If you any other suggestions feel free to tell me, they help a lot. Thank you for reading my story. 🙂


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